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Album Post #2 - Storm This Castle

Storm This Castle album cover

“The rain poured down, the water rose, and the wind blew and beat against that house; yet it did NOT fall, because it had it’s foundation on the rock.”

- Matthew 7:25

“I wonder how many it would take,” I thought to myself. “How many cannons? How much cavalry? How many soldiers would I need to storm that castle?” Now I’m sure you would probably think that I was watching some historic battle movie about an attack on a King’s castle, right? Well…it was more like a Saturday morning watching Sofia the First with my sleepy daughter. Not quite what you thought, I’m assuming, but all of you dads out there know that our brains can do some crazy things when you are watching Disney Junior on a tired brain early in the morning.

As the day went on, for some reason that phrase “storm the castle” kept going through my head. Later on I was reading in Matthew 7, and of course God points me to something that was completely relevant to what was racing through my mind (but yet didn’t have anything to do with a fictional princess cartoon show!) God was showing me what was going on in my life and he was laying out what I needed to ask him to do. He revealed to me that I was the castle, and I needed God to storm what I was building up inside of me. They were castles of pride, of fear and doubt; all of which were not standing on the foundation of Christ. And in that verse in Matthew, he promises us that anything that is not built on Him, the rock, will most certainly fall. I know for me, it can sometime take something in my life to fall before I see who is there to pick me back up. And when the fears and doubts of this world have crippled my hope, he reminds me where my hope lies. So what came next was an honest prayerful song about God storming this castle within me. A song about building our lives on solid ground, Christ’s foundation, rather than upon sinking sand. It became the title track for the new album and one of my favorite songs to sing for you.

May God Storm the Castles in our lives today. And may we foolish men only build upon the rock on which we stand, which is Jesus alone.

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